Deep Fork Audubon meeting minutes, 19 August 2013
Recorded by Donald Winslow

We made plans to table at the Pottawatomie County Free Fair, 5-7 September, at the Expo Center. The theme this year is “Barn in the USA”. Deane will submit the registration form with our $100 check, requesting that they waive the fee. If they decide not to waive the fee, they'll cash the check. We hope that this outreach opportunity will help us to educate the public and possibly recruit new members.

Deane is getting a large banner made that says “Deep Fork Audubon Society”. Steve will display some of his photographs. We will have a sign-up sheet for folks interested in our group. Donald will prepare a looping presentation of our outings to show on a laptop. Br. Damian will look for birdhouses. We'll set out some books to look at. Maybe someone will bring candy.

Setup for tabling is 2-6 PM on Wednesday or 9 AM-noon on Thursday. Tabling takes place Thursday evening from 5-9 PM and all day Friday and Saturday from 9 AM to 10 PM. Steve can table through the day, but not in the evening. Br. Damian will table on Friday from 8-10 PM and possibly on Saturday. Donald will table on Saturday.

Our next excursion will be a trip to Lake Tecumseh on 21 September. We will meet at St. Gregory's at 8 AM. After the meeting we will discuss our annual report to National Audubon Society, which must be submitted by 30 November.