Lake Tecumseh

This afternoon Ruth, Br. Damian, Becky, Deane, Karen, Donald, and Forest visited Lake Tecumseh. We observed the following birds: American Crows, Great Blue Herons, Mallards, Ring-billed Gulls, Gadwalls, 1 female Northern Shoveler, 1 Northern Mockingbird, Killdeer, 2 Redheads, 1 Blue Jay, 1 American Goldfinch, several Eastern Meadowlarks, 3 Horned Grebes, a sparrow, 2 Ruddy Ducks, 1 Northern Flicker, 1 female Northern Goldeneye, 1 juv. Double-crested Cormorant, 1 Red-tailed Hawk, 1 American Robin, 1 Dark-eyed Junco, 1 Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, and 1 Carolina Chickadee.

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