Riverwalk, Tulsa, July 13th 2014.

(from Becky and Deane Carlberg)

The White Pelicans are still hanging around the Arkansas River. Saturday found us walking across the Arkansas River Pedestrian Bridge in Tulsa. It was a hot, muggy afternoon, but over the water was cool. People were fishing with little success, but the five pelicans lined up below the weir to the south of the bridge were having great luck. Swimming mightily against the current, the pelicans would maintain an uneven line. One would surge forward to the base of the waterfall and duck its head deep into the water. After a few seconds it would raise its large pouched bill into the sky and swallow down the river treat. Meanwhile the current would send the bird backwards to be replaced by another strong swimmer that immediately propelled forward.

On the small island toward the southeast another two dozen or so White Pelicans were resting. They were not alone. Several Canadian geese were there keeping them company as well as four Snowy Egrets, six Great Blue Herons and some seagulls.

Why not venture out to Tulsa some weekend this summer and check out the sights…..take a walk on the wild side and stroll along and across the Arkansas River.


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