Lake Hefner

pelicans and gulls and a cormorant

American White Pelicans with Franklin’s Gulls and a Double-crested Cormorant

This last Saturday 5 of us visited Lake Hefner. We started at Stars and Stripes Park where we viewed the resident Swan Goose with Mallards and American Coots. There were large flocks of Franklin’s Gulls with Ring-billed Gulls mixed in.

Next we went to the southwest corner of the lake, where we found a large flock of American White Pelicans, along with coots and cormorants and Ruddy Ducks and a Great Egret or two. We walked out on the long sandspit jutting out from Prairie Dog Point (the water is very low) and spotted a Black-bellied Sandpiper foraging along the shore. There was a raft of diving ducks very far out; at least some appeared to be Ring-necked Ducks.

After a bathroom break we drove north around the lake and stopped just across the road from the sewage lagoons. There we saw a juvenile Herring Gull flying across the lake. We checked the “bird preserve” ponds on the way out, but didn’t add anything there. Here is our list for the day:
(1 Swan Goose)
several Canada Geese
several Mallards and one white domestic duck
Ruddy Ducks
Ring-necked Ducks
maybe some teal
Double-crested Cormorants
American White Pelicans
several Great Blue Herons
8 Great Egrets
1 winter-plumaged adult Black-bellied Plover
a couple of flocks of unidentified peeps
many Franklin’s Gulls
Ring-billed Gulls
1 juvenile Herring Gull
American Coots
1 Northern Flicker
1 Blue Jay
1 American Crow
American Pipits
1 singing Northern Mockingbird
European Starlings
Great-tailed Grackles
1 singing male Brown-headed Cowbird
House Sparrows occupying Cliff Swallow nests

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