Wes Watkins Reservoir

On Sunday (12 February) Karen and Forest and I made a couple of stops at Wes Watkins Reservoir, first on the south shore at Fishmarket Road, and then at the main entrance on the north shore. From the south shore we saw 5 American White Pelicans with many Double-crested Cormorants along a sand spit on the north shore. There were Bonaparte’s Gulls on the lake and a pair of Gadwalls along the south shore. We spotted a pair of Bald Eagles toward the east end of the lake. There was a nest in a tree along the shore, but we did not see the eagles go to it. Around the parking lot we heard a Yellow-rumped Warbler, a Carolina Wren, and a Killdeer.

On the north shore we found a large flock of Mallards with some Gadwalls mixed in, as well as a Great Blue Heron and an American Coot.

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