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Notes on sudden changes in the weather or long droughts, etc.


Today we had freezing rain, snow, sleet, thunder, hail, and a high of 18 degrees Fahrenheit. Last night, as the cold front was coming in, Karen and Forest and I went out to Wes Watkins Reservoir hoping to see a … Continue reading

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intense thunderstorm!

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The high today in Shawnee was 99 degrees Fahrenheit, a welcome change after four days of 108-113. I haven’t been seeing a lot of birds in our yard, but a White-breasted Nuthatch showed up in the pecan today.

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A big front of storms passed through last night. We bundled the baby up and drove to the shelter under city hall. As we were walking in, the winds flipped the umbrella inside-out and almost out of my hand. There … Continue reading

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Well, it’s been a snowy February so far. The snow has brought Fox Sparrows, Red-breasted Nuthatches, and this Purple Finch to our feeders.

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Yesterday the temperature was well above 70 Fahrenheit. Now it’s forecast to dip below 10 in a day or two!

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