Deep Fork Audubon visits Pontotoc Ridge

Pontotoc Ridge
Liatris and Opuntia
On 1 October 2011 the Deep Fork Audubon Society visited the Pontotoc Ridge Preserve. Little Forest River chased most of the birds away, but we did find a roosting Black Vulture and a juvenile Red-headed Woodpecker. Jona Tucker showed us the insects and plants common at grassland and forest habitats on Pontotoc Ridge. The Liatris, punctuated by prickly pears, painted the prairie purple.
honeybee at blue sage
Honeybee visiting blue sage
On our way out we found this monarch caterpillar on a tiny milkweed in the middle of the road,
monarch caterpillar
Monarch on milkweed
and we also found a lot of sparrows that Donald (carrying Forest) was not able to identify. Hopefully the Payne County group got good looks at them!