Deep Fork Audubon meeting minutes, 8 August 2012
6:30 P.M., Shawnee Public Library Community Room B
Recorded by Donald Winslow

Present were Deane Carlberg, Rebecca Carlberg, and Donald Winslow.

Donald presented a draft Constitution (prepared by Br. Damian Whalen) and revised Bylaws (prepared by Br. Damian and Donald). All present at the meeting agreed to adopt these as our official Constitution and Bylaws. Br. Damian submitted his electronic vote, also in favor of adopting these documents.

National Audubon Society's Chapter Services has not yet published the forms for annual reports. They should be online by 15 August, after which we need to begin preparing our annual report. All Deep Fork members who have contributed volunteer hours between 1 July 2011 and 30 June 2012 should prepare an estimate of volunteer hours contributed.

Becky volunteered to look into whether we can set up a table at the county fair (7-8 September). Deep Fork members who would like to help staff it either day can email me at We will have our next meeting that next week, 11 or 12 September. Let me know which of those two evenings work best for you. We will plan a trip to Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City for late October, the 20th or the 27th. Again, let me know your preference for a date.

We agreed to sign on to a letter, prepared by the National Audubon Society, which asks Congress to restore funding for the State and Tribal Wildlife Grants Program that has been cut in both versions of the Interior Appropriations bill.