Deep Fork Audubon meeting minutes      4 October 2014
Japanese Garden

Participating were Deane, Becky, Br. Damian, Donald, and Steve.

We looked at the site at the Japanese Garden where we are planning the prairie restoration. The restoration plot is adjacent to the airport fence. We decided we would fence the area and ask the city not to mow during the nesting season. We will establish native plants in the restoration site. We will construct a blind to enable visitors to watch grassland birds in the airport. We will construct a water feature in the existing garden near the restoration plot.

While we were at the garden we saw quite a few monarchs flying, on their way to wintering grounds. We saw a few helicopters buzzing around after the air show. We also saw one or two Swainson's Hawks soaring over the airport. Here's a list of bird species we observed at the garden that day:

Turkey Vulture
Swainson's Hawk
Rock Pigeon
Northern Mockingbird
House Finch
House Sparrow