Deep Fork Audubon minutes, 3 March 2012, Shawnee Public Library
Recorded by Donald Winslow

Present were Deane Carlberg, Rebecca Carlberg, Steve Trammell, Br. Damian Whalen, Donald Winslow, Karen Bays, and Forest Winslow.

In the morning we visited Shawnee Twin Lakes. An account of the outing is at:

Steve collected signatures for a Sierra Club campaign to ask OG&E to decommission a coal-burning power plant.

Kathy at the library said we could use the other display case in the lobby, so we set it up with some books and some bird study skins on loan from St. Gregory's University.

We filled out the Certificate of Incorporation for our organization. Deane will deliver it to the Secretary of State's office and pay the fee from our bank account. We looked at the Constitution and Bylaws of the Tulsa Audubon Society. Br. Damian volunteered to draft documents for Deep Fork Audubon, using the Tulsa documents as a guideline.

We labeled postcards to notify our membership about the program on creating urban bird habitat that we are planning for 31 March. Deane will buy postage and mail them. Steve volunteered to call a radio station to ask for a public service announcement to promote our event. Becky suggested that Donald offer to do a bird blog for the Shawnee News-Star. Donald agreed to look into it. We each took fliers for the event to post around town.

For the program on 31 March, Donald will present a general overview of strategies for creating urban bird habitat and certification processes. Br. Damian will talk about the bluebird houses and other avian landscaping efforts at St. Gregory's Abbey. Steve will provide photos for digital presentations. Deane will call the Department of Wildlife Conservation to ask if they have a digital presentation about their certification program which we could use. Donald will ask Ruth Beasley if we can use one or more of her Learning the Birds shows. We will reserve time for attendees to share their experiences with yard birds and yard bird habitat. Donald will write up a schedule for the event.

The Lesser Prairie-chicken Festival is next 26 April-2 May. Most of the events will be at Sue Selman's ranch near Woodward, but there will be field outings across the state. See

We decided to look at our calendars to find a Saturday in April (after Easter) for a trip to Wes Watkins Reservoir.

Our next business meeting will be at 6:30 P.M. on 10 April at Sips Coffeehouse on Main in Shawnee.