Deep Fork Audubon agenda
3 March 2012, 1-3 PM, Shawnee Public Library Community Room B
Prepared by Donald Winslow

      Fill out Certificate of Incorporation for state
      Review organizing documents for Tulsa Audubon
      Form committee to draft organizing documents for Deep Fork Audubon

Display case
      Rearrange and add anything else we want

Program on creating urban bird habitat (31 March)
      Promoting event
           Postcard to membership
                We need 84 more copies (Karen says library can print these)
                Donald will bring address labels
                Affixing labels to postcards
           Library is also promoting
           Anything else we want to do to promote the event?
           Has anyone registered?
     Planning program
           Donald is working on a digital presentation covering habitat components
                Food, water, cover, nest sites
           Anyone else have something to share?
                Bluebird boxes, swift towers, etc.
           Reserve time for attendees to share experiences

Upcoming field outings
      Lesser Prairie-chicken festival
      Do we want to plan outings for April or May?
           Pottawatomie County Big Day?

Time and place for next meeting