Deep Fork Audubon meeting minutes      30 September 2014
Shawnee Public Library

Participating were Deane, Becky, Br. Damian, and Donald.

The National Audubon Society is engaged in a campaign about the effects of climate change on bird populations. We decided we could help by setting up a display in the Shawnee Public Library lobby. Donald reserved the two display cases for February. We will display informational materials from National Audubon, and photos and perhaps study skins of local species likely to be affected.

National Audubon Society offers collaborative funding grants for chapters. We decided to apply for a grant through this program to restore prairie habitat for grassland birds at the Japanese Garden. Because the soil was once a dump and contains a lot of oil, there is a component of remediation to this project. We will include a water feature.

The deadline is the end of October. We agreed to meet at the Japanese Garden on Saturday (4 October) to plan the project. Becky and Deane volunteered to start drafting the proposal, and Donald said he would put together a list of target species that may benefit from the project.

We decided to visit the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge on 8 November. We will meet at St. Gregory's University at 8 am.