Deep Fork Audubon minutes, 23 November 2013
Recorded by Donald Winslow

Attending were Brother Damian Whalen, Deane Carlberg, and Donald Winslow.

We discussed the annual report to National Audubon Society, which is due by 30 November.

We determined that members of our chapter contributed 385 volunteer hours during the last fiscal year. Donald will enter this information into the annual report online form.

We discussed our accomplishments from the last fiscal year and our goals for the current year. During the last fiscal year we finalized our bylaws, participated in the Pontotoc Ridge Winter Bird Count, held our first election under the new bylaws, held a program on Costa Rican birds, and did several field trips. Also, Becky Carlberg has done media outreach on our chapter's activities through her blog for the Shawnee News-Star.

For our next fiscal year we would like to recruit more members, attain 501(c)3 status, and encourage development of urban bird habitat. In September we tabled at the county fair, which helped educate the public about bird habitat and may help us attract active members. We may also table at the Arts Track art fair. St. Gregory's Abbey may establish certified wildlife habitat at a secluded location behind the monastery.

Donald will enter these accomplishments and goals into the appropriate section of the annual report. Deane will write and upload our Annual Plan, and Donald will fill in all the rest of the information in the annual report.

After our meeting, seven of us visited the Citizen Potawatomi Nation Eagle Aviary. We enjoyed viewing the eagles and had a very interesting conversation with the rehabilitators.