Deep Fork Audubon minutes     13 June 2017

Recorded by Donald Winslow

Becky, Deane, Br. Damian, and Donald participated.

Becky and Deane reported that hummingbirds have been mostly ignoring the feeders, but have been visiting scarlet sage, trumpetvine, and hibiscus.

Becky reported that our prairie restoration plots have thus far avoided being mowed this year. Deane proposed installing a gate on the main restoration plot to defluence (but not prevent) unnecessary human access. We agreed to Deane's proposal. Deane reported that the airport authority is planning to allow some areas to grow this year, which could greatly enhance habitat for area-sensitive grassland birds. We may want to approach Avedis about the possibility of providing additional funding for the prairie project. We will wait until the fall to install a bird-blind. We discussed the possibility of establishing a bluebird trail at the Japanese Gardens and along the pedestrian walkway.

Becky will have an article on pollinators in Sunday's newspaper.

Our bank account balance is a little over $1000 at the moment.

We planned several outings for the coming months. Donald will talk with Angela at the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge about a good time to visit our namesake. We will meet at 6am on 12 August to visit the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur. We will visit the Stinchcomb Refuge in late October, before the start of duck season. Deane asked Donald and Br. Damian to develop some ideas for trips to New Mexico and Arizona. We also discussed all the interesting birding spots in the far corners of Oklahoma we have yet to visit as a group.

We will plan to put together a display at the Shawnee Public Library when the large display case is open. We left a message for Glenda to inquire about potential dates for this.