Deep Fork Aububon board meeting minutes, 11 September 2012
Recorded by Donald Winslow

Present: Deane Carlberg, Ruth Beasley, Rebecca Carlberg, Br. Damian Whalen, Steve Trammell, Donald Winslow

Br. Damian volunteered to look through the application for 501(c)3 status with the IRS. We have to pay a $400 fee to apply.

We looked through the forms for annual reporting to the National Audubon Society. Donald will divide the task into assignments for each active member. We will work on filling in the online forms at our next meeting (20 October at St. Gregory's University).

Treasurer Deane Carlberg selected Rebecca Carlberg to serve on the budget committee. Deane and Becky will prepare budgets for the present fiscal year and for next year. Deane will fill out the financial form for the annual report to National Audubon.

We discussed the possibility of preparing a display case on bird feeding for the fall and winter. It's probably late to reserve the library display case. Deane and Becky will look into potential locations at the mall and downtown.

We plan to visit Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City on 20 October. We will meet at St. Gregory's at 7 am to carpool. Donald will prepare a list of target species to look for at the lake. We may eat lunch at Sinbad's, just southwest of the lake on Northwest Expressway. After the outing we will return to St. Gregory's for a board meeting. We will work on the annual reporting, planning for a display case, and other tasks at hand. Donald will prepare an agenda.

Cornell's Project FeederWatch begins on 10 November. Details are at

We plan to visit the Deep Fork National Wildlife Refuge on 1 December. We will meet at St. Gregory's to carpool at 8 am. Perhaps we'll see Sandhill Cranes!

Christmas Bird Counts start in December. CBC's in Oklahoma will be listed at

There was little enthusiasm among those gathered for planning a membership meeting this year. If we do it, we will probably not spend the time and money to send out postal invitations. The bylaws state that we only need to post the agenda on our web site fifteen days in advance. We decided that a better use of postage would be to invite our broader membership to an outing. When we meet on 20 October we will discuss the possibility of sending out invitations for the Deep Fork NWR outing on 1 December.